Vaccines -Are you at risk?

The flu season will be here soon and getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from this serious illness, but influenza is not the only contagious disease that adults need to protect themselves from. Vaccines aren't just for children. Some illnesses require updated vaccines from time to time and other diseases are more common only in adulthood. For these reasons there are a number of vaccines adults need to be aware of and discuss with their doctor.
Many people don't get vaccinated because they didn't know they should, but more worrisome is the fact that uninformed celebrities and uneducated internet bloggers have spread misinformation about vaccines that they don't understand. This has caused fear and concern among people who aren't sure what to believe. Not surprisingly there is little controversy in the medical community. Vaccines save lives and getting vaccinated protects not only you but your family and friends.

To separate fact from fiction click the link below to our Vaccine web page for more information on adult vaccines. As always discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor.


Michael Melgar

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